Sweden: rap band taken to court for ‘hate speech’


Rap band taken to court accused of ‘hate speech’

Whether calling the police ‘pigs’ and encouraging to start a “war” against them goes beyond the limits of the rights to freedom of expression in rap music is to be tried in a Swedish court

Two members of a rap band from the south of Sweden, Skåne, are taken to court accused of ‘hate speech’ after a concert where they rapped these words:

“Everybody in Landskrona hates the police, and we will start a war against these pigs”
(“Alla i Landskrona hatar poliser och vi ska starta krig mot snuten”).

19-year-old Emil ‘Emilush’ Göransson and 22-year-old Alexander ‘Caustic’ Nodbring were rapping on stage at the reggae festival Rotrock in the late afternoon on 5 August 2006. The festival took place in Teaterparken in Landskrona.

A police patrol happened to be surveying their concert, and the officers gave in a report on the incident. A date for the court case has not yet been set.


Sydsvenskan – 25 January 2007:
‘Åtalet förvånar unga rappare’

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