Denmark: Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’



Religious reservations labeled as ‘censorship’

In the aftermath of the Muhammed cartoon crisis, the criteria for what is termed as ‘censorship’ is gradually changing. On 5 December 2006, two bare shoulders of a female Norwegian singer became ‘breaking news’ in Denmark with the headline: “Muslim censorship in music show”

By Freemuse

The headline “Muslim censorship in music show” was projected by the daily newspaper B.T. on posters in front of news stands and kiosks all over the country. The story behind was that during a recording of a Christmas music tv show for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, members of the Danish pop group Outlandish had protested against being filmed together with the Norwegian singer Herborg Kr


B.T. – 5 December 2006:
‘Outlandish fjerner kvinde med n

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