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Journeys with Gypsy Musicians

New book on gypsy music by Garth Cartwright – the author of the Freemuse report on censorship and the gypsy musicians of Romania.

‘Princes Amongst Men: Journeys with Gypsy Musicians’ is the title of Garth Cartwrights new book which is receiving excellent reviews worldwide. Garth Cartwrights is a New Zealander now based in London. 
“For the Gypsy community in Romania it appears that life under the post-Ceausescu regimes has got worse, not better,” Garth Cartwright wrote in the Freemuse report of 2001. 11 percent of Romania’s population is of Gypsy ethnicity.
“This involves everything from discrimination in the work place, through police brutality to fiery pogroms intended to ethnically cleanse entire Gypsy communities. It is these incidents – alongside the terrible state of the Romanian economy – that has driven tens of thousands of Romanian Gypsies to embark on an arduous, dangerous and often futile journey of migration.”
In ‘Princes Amongst Men’, Garth Cartwright gives his own personal account of the developments among the Gypsy musicians. 

‘Princes Amongst Men: Journeys With Balkan Musicians’ (Serpent’s Tail, $20)

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Read the Freemuse report:
“A Little Bit Special” – Censorship and the Gypsy Musicians of Romania
Freemuse, Copenhagen, October 2001, ISSN 1601-2127

Review quotes:

“What distinguishes Cartwright is his style, his verve and his whole-hearted engagement with his subject.”
The Observer

“In an impoverished Bulgarian Gypsy ghetto, Cartwright’s engagement with Gypsy communities bypasses cliche and overturns prejudice to return with the true story of the Gypsies’ Balkan blues.”

“You will feel you have tagged along on a wild, sometimes dangerous, journey down music’s uncharted back roads with a driven and dauntless guide.”
Nick Bollinger, Sunday Star – Times; Wellington, New Zealand

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