“Don’t stop the music” Youth magazine special on music and censorship



“Don’t Stop the Music” 
On 22 October 2004 a special issue of ZAPP Magazine on censorship of music was published by Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Danish Association for International Co-operation) and Freemuse.
The magazine, published in English, was distributed to selected schools across the world, including Afghanistan, South Africa, Ghana, and Palestine.
ZAPP Magazine is for young people in Danish schools grade 7-10 (13-18 year of age). For more information, please see the ZAPP website:

ZAPP website

Prices: 48 DKR apiece, sets of 15 pcs.: 295 DKR, sets of 25 pcs.: 395 DKR Subscription (six issues): Institutions: 295 DKR, private: 195 DKR, pupils: 95 DKR.
For more information and to order, please see Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke / ZAPP Magazine:

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