United Arab Emirates: Satellite music channel bans “demeaning songs”



United Arab Emirates:
Satellite music channel bans “demeaning songs”

The Arab satellite music channel Nogoom has decided to ban the airing of songs that are classified as ”inappropriate for the average viewers” and which contain seductive scenes and females wearing revealing outfits

The censorship committee officials at the network revealed that “broadcasting such demeaning songs goes against Arab social and traditional values and should not be allowed to be aired.”
The banning includes all songs for Egyptian singer Ruby, who is considered one of the top seductive singers. Tunisian singer Najla will also be banned from the channel along with other songs by different singers that include improper scenes.
The management of the channel has also decided to go over all the songs it broadcasts on its different channels, Nogoom TV and Nogoom Al Khaleeg, to ensure that no inappropriate material is being aired.
The channel has made it a point since it began its broadcast in April 2004 to refrain from broadcasting English and Western music, due to the scenes in most of the clips.
The channel is owned by Suhail Abdoul’s, husband of Lebanese singer Diana Haddad, Production Company. The cost of the channel is two million dollars, and it broadcasts different kinds of music from all around the Arab world. Nogoom has three offices operating in Dubai with 40 employees, in Beirut 10 employees, and in Cairo 15 employees.



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