Belarus: Fear of ban of rock band’s album launch



Fear of ban of rock band’s album launch

The popular Belarusian rock band Krama doubts if they will receive permission from authorities for the launch of their new album ‘Krama’, but the musicians are defiant to play. The concert is scheduled to take place on 30 May 2007 at the Night Star night club in Minsk.

This was confirmed to the European Radio for Belarus by the band’s manager, Pavel Kashyryn, who said: “We will stage the concert regardless of whether we are given this shameful paper or not.”

Pavel Kashyryn filed his application with the city department in charge of cultural events as far back as 15 March 2007. On 25 April 2007, officials neither approved nor denied permission and referred the band to a higher authority – the Ministry of Culture or the Office of the President.

One of Krama’s songs is included in the appendix to the Freemuse report on music censorship in Belarus, ‘Hidden Truths’, with links to and information about the band. See link below.


Charter 97 – 7 May 2007:
‘KRAMA defiant to stage concert on May 30 despite ban’

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