Press release: Broadcasters and artists join Music Freedom Day 2013


Broadcasters and artists in Asia, Africa and Europe join Music Freedom Day 2013

Freemuse publishes new report on Mali and reminds the world of Pussy Riot

With one of the world’s richest music countries heavily affected by attacks on music, two Pussy Riot members still in prison, six musicians killed in 2012, and a total number of 173 cases of attacks on musicians registered during the year, there are good reasons to join the annual ‘Music Freedom Day’ on Sunday, 3 March.

“2013 is the year when artistic freedom of expression for the first time will be discussed at the UN Human Rights Council. Freemuse has played an essential role on a global scale in creating more awareness about how widespread repression of artists is. In relationship to Music Freedom Day, Freemuse is publishing a very extensive documentation of how music has been affected in Mali, and we are promoting a brand new CD with music from Mali,” told Marie Korpe, Executive Director of Freemuse.

Report for download

The report, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’, is written by Andy Morgan, who is one of UK’s most respected writers specialised in West Africa and the Sahara. Morgan analyses the background of the conflict, and he has interviewed 20 of Mali’s most acclaimed musicians, artists and observers on how music and culture has been affected as a consequence of the crisis in the northern part of the country. The report can be downloaded from

Conferences and concerts
Two Freemuse Award winners are talking and performing during Music Freedom Day. In Cairo, Ramy Essam has gathered several colleagues to highlight Music Freedom Day, and in Oslo, Mahsa Vahdat from Iran will perform. In spite of the extremely dangerous situation for artists in Pakistan’s conflict-stricken north-western region, artists in Peshawar will also join Music Freedom Day.

One of Zimbabwe’s most respected rap artists, Outspoken, will be performing in his home town Harare with some of the country’s top artists. And in Copenhagen, Freemuse will join a discussion on artistic freedom in Turkey with one of the members of the persecuted Kurdish band Grup Yorum.

A full day event at Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest illustrates that artistic freedom is not only at risk in developing countries. Hungary and Belarus are two European countries where artistic freedom is under severe pressure.

Radio ‘festival’

Since Freemuse in collaborations with several international broadcasters initiated Music Freedom Day in 2007, the annual event has become an important platform for artists and broadcasters to discuss and advocate artists’ rights to freedom of expression. The national radio in Norway, NRK, will broadcast from Mali.

In Sweden, the national radio channel P2 will be focusing on music censorship throughout the day, and radio colleagues in several other European countries are currently preparing special Music Freedom Day programmes.

.and while we are writing this, more participants are joining.

For more information, contact

• Marie Korpe, Executive Director, Freemuse: +45 2944 4280 (mobile), +45 3332 1027 (office), e-mail:

• Ole Reitov, Programme Manager, Freemuse: +45 2323 2765 (mobile), +45 3332 1027 (office), e-mail:

Freemuse is an independent international organisation which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide. The organisation’s home page,, is the world’s largest knowledge base on music censorship. For more information about Freemuse, its activities and publications, see

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If you would like to participate in Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2014, please contact the Freemuse secretariat

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