USA: Murder plot to kill rap superstar 50 Cent



USA: Murder plot to kill rapper

US investigators say they have uncovered a plot to assassinate America’s biggest selling artist, rap superstar 50 Cent, in revenge for a derogatory song.

The American rap music scene has been shaken in recent years by a spate of big name killings. Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG are just two stars killed in a long-running rap industry feud.
US police has set up a special unit to monitor rap violence, and according to newly released court documents, federal investigators believe there is a possible conspiracy between New York drug lord Kevin McGriff and workers of the music label Murder Inc to kill the rapper 50 Cent, (real name Curtis Jackson), who survived nine gunshots in an attack in May 2000. Court documents reveal that the detectives believe that attack may have been linked to Jackson’s 2000 song ‘Ghetto Koran’, which talks about McGriff’s drug gang. The documents alleges that 50 Cent was “blacklisted in the recording industry” following the release of the song.

Detectives are looking at the possibility that Jam Master Jay, member of rap band Run DMC and mentor to 50 Cent, was shot dead in 2002 because he continued recording with the star.


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‘US investigators uncovered plot to kill rapper 50 Cent’

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‘Police Believe Murder Inc. Involved In Plot To Kill 50 Cent’

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‘Murder Inc. Gunning for 50?’

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