Ghana: Controversial copyright law enforced



Ghana: Controversial copyright law enforced

By Francis Mensah Twum, COCCA Co-ordinator

Inspite of a myraid of protests by the Coalition of Concerned Copyright Advocates, COCCA, and a campaign worth in excess of US$ 400,000, the Ghanaian Parliament has now passed the notorious “COPYRIGHT ACT 690” bill. The bill was shot down by COCCA thru a petition to the the President who had taken a keen interest in the situation. The Minister of Justice was instructed to review the concerns and offer the neccessary changes.

After a series of meetings the concerns of COCCA were accepted and an agreement signed. The bill finally was enacted on 3rd of June 2005. The controversial security device section 25 was however retained. COCCA has protested again to the Minister and a meeting has been held. COCCA is presently waiting for response from the cabinet on the next line of action. The situation is better now, and members are putting their life together after a long fight.

The retention of section 25 makes it contradictory to the Ghanaian constitution, and it appears to be discriminatory since only music and audiovisuals has been singled out whereas for example  sculpures, books, architectural masterpieces, etc, is not included.
COCCA is going to file a motion at the Supreme Court to challenge it and have been called to meet with the Minister of Justice on Friday the 15th of September 2005. 
FREEMUSE will briefed of the outcome.

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