Russia: Pussy Riot on everyone’s lips



Pussy Riot on everyone’s lips

Pussy Riot’s court case in Moscow suddenly placed musical freedom of expression high on the agenda of the Western media during July and August 2012. According to Google News, Pussy Riot was mentioned in no less than two million different news articles on the net, and receives a staggering 100 million hits in a Google Search.

            Freemuse board member Klaus Slavensky spoke
            in front of the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen

Since Freemuse was founded in 1998, the organisation has not experienced anything similar: No other trial of musicians in the past 14 years has achieved so much international attention as the trial against three members of Russion punk collective Pussy Riot did.

The story of the three band members who were arrested in March 2012 after they had appeared with a Putin-critical song in one of Moscow’s cathedrals on 21 February, made front page headlines in several of the major national newspapers in many countries. Tv news had correspondents live on air from Moscow to hear the latest news and developments in the trial, while Facebook and Twitter buzzed with indignation and online activities in support of Pussy Riot.

Below are some examples from Denmark:

Front cover of Denmark’s largest newspaper the day after the verdict had been announced.

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Pussy Riots faces masked by balaclavas became a symbol of their case. Above: Activists at the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark. Below: Danish DJ and musician Trentem

Google News – continuously updated:

Search: “Pussy Riot”

The case of Pussy Riot — behind the scenes

Summing up: A talk with Freemuse’s Campaign Officer about how Freemuse has worked on the case of Pussy Riot since three members of the band were detained in March 2012. Read more…

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