India: Bhangra dance banned in Jamshedpur



India: Bhangra dance banned in Jamshedpur

Sikh religious leaders in the city of Jamshedpur has banned women from the community from dancing the vigorous Punjabi bhangra on the streets during celebrations

“There will be a complete ban on women’s participation in bhangra. Those found guilty of violating the directive will have pay 2,100 rupees.”
This was said in a statement by the Central Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (CGPC) of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand – a Sikh body of religious leaders overseeing the gurdwara temples in the Eastern Indian steel city of Jamshedpur. Lateron, they have also banned the entry of girls in jeans and have formed a special women’s cell to enforce the rules.

The president of Jamshedpur’s Central Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (CGPC), Shailendra Singh, has written to all the gurdwaras in the district to comply with the directive of keeping girls in jeans barred from Jamshedpur Gurdwaras. Besides keeping a tab on the girls dress code, the special women’s cell will also teach them about Indian “culture” and their role in the family and society.

As such, the committee has also banned the exchange of floral garlands by the bride and groom at their wedding, saying violations would invite a fine of 1,100 rupees. And girls attending weddings must be dressed in the traditional Punjabi salwar-kameez ensemble.

The strictures invited sharp criticism from some Sikhs in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi: “The CGPC should not act like the Taliban. We oppose this move,” said Santi Sardar of Ranchi.

But members of the CGPC in Ranchi were not entirely in disagreement with their Jamshedpur counterparts: “We welcome the move to ban the bhangra (by women) on the streets. But we do not agree with the other bans,” said Lakhbir Singh, a member of Ranchi CGPC.



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