Indonesia: Dangdut songs banned for ‘corrupting society’



Dangdut songs banned for ‘corrupting society’

10 popular Dangdut songs were banned in a province of Indonesia for being ‘pornographic’, reported BBC News.

In BBC-reporter Karishma Vaswani’s words, Dangdut music sounds like “a cross between techno and Bollywood, but it is 100 per cent Indonesian.”

A growing and vocal group of conservative Muslims in Indonesia – the world’s most populous Muslim nation – are concerned Dangdut has become increasingly vulgar over the years. Critics say it has been corrupted by vulgar lyrics and erotic dances over the years.

The song ‘What JuPe likes the most’ has got the Dangdut performer JuPe – real name: Julia Perez – into trouble in some parts of Indonesia. The song was banned in one province because of the racy lyrics, which refer to the sexual positions she prefers.





BBC News – 27 March 2012:

‘Raunchy dangdut music stirs debate in Indonesia’

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