Pakistan: Music returns to some of Pakistan’s tribal areas



Music returns to some of Pakistan’s tribal areas

In parts of Pakistan’s tribal areas, music is starting to return, reported Free Speech Radio News in a radio report on 16 January 2012.

The music starts, and young boys begin to clap and dance. After four years without music, people are enthusiastic and energetic.

“Music and social interaction is important and can promote happiness and peace in the area,” said one of the men who was interviewed by FSRN’s reporter in Pakistan, Gabe Matthews. “Music is part of our culture, and we will follow our culture, even if we die or live.”

“The Taliban has broken all musical instruments in every guest house they have been to,” another man told.

Although once an integral part of weddings and other celebrations, the Taliban banned music in areas under their control. Following military operations that drove the Taliban out of Bajaur agency, some people are once again organizing and participating in music programmes.


Listen to the radio report  (duration: 7 minutes)

Free Speech Radio News – 16 January 2012:

‘Music tradition, once banned, returns to Pakistan’s tribal areas’

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