Palestine: New Year’s concerts stopped




New Year’s concerts stopped

Two concerts were stopped in Ramallah – both incidents are more or less related to the political situation in the area.

Bloggers report that police stopped a concert with musician Basel Zayed and his group Turab during the Palestinian New Year’s festival at Arafat Square in Ramallah. The concert was interrupted when the group played the song ‘El-Doleh’, a satirical song about the Palestinian promised state. The police stated in the al-Ayyam newspaper that they interrupted the concert in order to maintain security because the song upset the audience.

Happy audience
According to a quote on the Electronic Intifada blog, musician Basel Zayed believes that the police misunderstood the meaning of the song. Contrary to the police, he also claims that the audience was happy and didn’t show any signs of being provoked by the song.

Israeli singer
A second was stopped concert in Ramallah on New Year’s Eve. Israeli singer Sharif from the group Druze was scheduled to perform in Ramallah, but according to Y Net News, the concert was cancelled following an anti-Israel campaign initiated by a group of young locals.




Listen to ‘El-Doleh’ by Turab on YouTube:





The Electronic Intifada (Blog)  – 1 January 2012:

‘Concert interrupted by PA police over song critical of UN statehood bid’

Y Net  – 1 January 2012:

‘Druze singer’s Ramallah gig canceled following anti-Israel pressure’

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