Malawi: Broadcaster bans two songs for ‘un-Malawian words’



Broadcaster bans two songs for ‘un-Malawian words’

Because of erotic lyrics with “sensitive and un-Malawian words”, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation has banned a Zambian and a Nigerian hit song.

On 12 November 2011, a Zambian hit song by Day-Vee, ‘Love Farmer’, and the Nigerian hit song ‘Sawa Sawa’ by DJ Flavour was reported by Malawi Today to have been banned by the state broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, MBC.

According to Malawi Today, the broadcaster’s head of presentation Cosmas Tchale confirmed the development saying the two songs have been banned for containing “sensitive and ‘un-Malawian’ words.”

Music Promotion Bureau
“After we investigated, we realised that the song contains very obscene words which is very un-Malawian. As a mother radio station, we don’t accept anything sensitive and unpalatable to be played on air. We have the Music Promotion Bureau at MBC which is responsible for screening any song before being played on air. But maybe we just overlooked these songs,” he said.

The song ‘Sawa Sawa’ is reportedly frequently played in homes, during weddings, engagements and most drinking joints.

The ‘Sawa Sawa’ ban is likely to be a huge blow to entertainment promoters in the country who have been planning to bring the artist in the country during December festivities.

Comment on Zambian Watchdog

i feel that the state has no place in banning certain songs outright. if they choose not to play it on state radio that is the government’s choice. however, censorship in private establishments is not only nearly impossible to enforce it is an inappropriate invasion of personal freedom. if you don’t like the music don’t listen. and when it comes to children it is the responsibility of the PARENTS/family not the state to decide what type of music and TV is appropriate for their child. I am glad that we have strong freedom of speech and expression laws here in children will not be raised by listening or watching whatever they please. I will decide what is appropriate for them and will not rely on the broadcasting companies or the government for that job.

kalula – November 12, 2011



Zambian Watchdog – 12 November 2011:
‘Malawi TV bans Zambian’s ‘love farmer’ song for immoral lyrics’

Malawi Today – 12 November 2011:
‘MBC bans ‘Sawasawa’ and ‘Love Farmer’ for erotic content’

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