Poland: ‘Censorship was overwhelming’




‘Censorship was overwhelming’

Article about the radical rock counter-culture in communist Poland, written by Szymon Urbański, himself a punk-rocker of the 1980’s.

“Censorship was overwhelming,” writes Szymon Urbański:

“You simply could not hear those bands on the radio. Tapes recorded live at Jarocin and other festivals circulated in the underground. Some lucky fans had current LPs sent by family members from the West. These were usually murdered beyond audible levels by endless copying. Maanam was officially banned from radio and tv, after refusing to take part in a concert devoted to Polish–Soviet friendship. (…)

The almighty police (named Milicja Obywatelska – Citizen’s Militia, to distinguish them from the pre-war “capitalist bourgeois” police) ruled supreme. You didn’t even have to be seriously involved in any kind of political opposition activity to have trouble.”

The article is written in connection with the launch of two award-winning films, ‘Beats of Freedom’ and ‘All that I Love (Wszystko co Kocham)’ which shine a light on the radical rock counter-culture that emerged in communist Poland.



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Krakow Post – 1 February 2010:

‘Rock Against the Bloc’

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