China: 100 songs on culture ministry’s internet blacklist



100 songs on culture ministry’s internet blacklist

100 songs that harm ‘national cultural security’ have been placed on a new internet blacklist by China’s culture ministry, reported BBC News on 24 August 2011.

Most of the banned songs are from Taiwan or Hong Kong, with several from Japan. Also hits by Western top-selling artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Take That are among the songs — on the grounds that they have never been submitted for the mandatory government screening.

Music websites have been given until 15 September 2011 to remove the offending tracks, according to an announcement posted to the ministry’s website on 19 August 2011. Those that fail to do so risk being prosecuted by the Chinese authorities.

Long lists of songs
The internet in China is tightly controlled, and content which is deemed inappropriate is often blocked or removed. The Chinese government carefully screens the content of imported entertainment content for political messages or commentary that runs contrary to its official line, and also blocks most Western social media sites, often referred to as the ‘Great Firewall’.

As a result Western bands have no presence and no way to build a fanbase in China, the world’s largest music market.

In January and March 2011 the ministry ordered websites to stop providing services for another 200 songs. Some websites face penalties because they have not deleted the unapproved music.

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