Algeria: Matoub court case loaded with contradictions



Matoub court case loaded with contradictions

On 18 July 2011, the criminal court in Tizi Ouzou, 100 kilometres east of Algiers, finally judged the two alleged perpetrators of the assassination of Algerian singer Lounès Matoub to 12 years in prison. Having already served close to the full sentence while in costudy, they will be released in September 2011.

 The mother of Lounès Matoub outside the court room.
Photo by El Bilad

The two alleged assassins are said to have broken the world record of preventive detention with over 12 years waiting without trial. The family of the singer, his family and fans called the trial a ‘masquerade’. Some journalists accused the Algerian authorities for covering up the truth to protect some officials and political leaders.

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Lounès Matoub
(often credited as Matoub Lounès in French sources)

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