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The Nordic countries:

Academic network for reseaching music censorship

Over 40 professors, university researchers and students from the Nordic countries have established a network to provide an informed knowledge of the role of culture and music in a global world, and of the practices which cause restrictions and silencing of targeted musicians.

The idea was discussed at the Freemuse conference in Istanbul in November 2006 among a group of university scholars who participated in a session entitled ‘Researching music censorship’. Four years later, in October 2010, that session title became the name of a new academic researcher’s network: Researching Music Censorship (RMC) which has more than 40 members from four Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark – including researchers as well as PhD students.

The first international RMC workshop took place on 5-6 May 2011, where 24 reseachers and PhD students took part in two days of talks and discussions in Copenhagen, Denmark. The next meeting, with a theme of Gender and race, will be in Lund, Sweden, on 29-30 September 2011. On 26-27 April 2012, a conference will be held in Bergen over the theme: Censorship and self censorship (theory and ethics).

Research the role of music
RMC will promote and encourage the scholarly study of music censorship, and to research the role of music in relation to human rights and artistic freedom of expression in its broadest sense. The network collaborates closely with an international group of associated scholars who are leading in the field of music studies relating to censorship and freedom of expression.

RMC has its secretariat at the University of Copenhagen and is founded by Nordforsk.

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Annemette Kirkegaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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