UK / USA: ‘Offending’ album title covered with sticker



‘Offending’ album title covered with sticker

The popular British rock band Arctic Monkeys’ new album is entitled ‘Suck It And See’ – a phrase which causes a stir in the United States where major stores will cover the offending album title by a big sticker.

When the indie-rock band from a suburb of Sheffield publishes its fourth record in USA on 6 June 2011 there will be a big sticker over the cover because the album title — ‘Suck It and See’ — is deemed too cheeky for Americans.

Alex Turner from the band told Xfm London the title of their new album “has not travelled very well”:

“They have not embraced it. They think it is rude, disrespectful. They’re putting a sticker over it in America in certain stores, big ones,” Alex told Xfm’s John Kennedy.

‘Suck it and see’ is otherwise a perfectly harmless expression in England. It means that you have to try something new before you know whether it has something for you — for instance to taste a sweet — in order to find out whether you like it.

You can hear the entire ‘Suck It and See’ in the uncensored version via Sound Cloud on this page:

You can hear the band talk about the number on XFM’s website:


XFM London – 1 June 2011:

‘Arctic Monkeys Censored Stateside’ – 6 June 2011:

‘Suck It and See Out Now’


Google News – continuously updated:

Search: “Suck It and See” + “Arctic Monkeys” + “censored”

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