Mexico: ‘Drug ballad’ singer El Sapo killed in Juarez



‘Drug ballad’ singer killed in Juarez

The lead singer of a narcocorridos band, 27-year-old El Sapo (real name: Francisco Dominguez Herrera) was executed by gunmen on a parking lot on 6 May 2011.

Narcocorridos are ‘drug ballads’ that glorify the drug trade and trafficking.

A Juárez official said police responded to a shooting around 8 PM and found El Sapo (‘The Toad’), who had been shot multiple times in the head by a group of gunmen at the parking lot of a seafood restaurant on the west side of Juárez.

Francisco Domínguez Herrera was the singer of the band El Sapo y sus Ondeados, which had a strong following in Juárez.

Dozen singers killed
At least a dozen singers have been killed since 2006, and several more have survived attacks. During that same time period, conflict among Mexico’s various drug cartels and between the criminals and security forces has claimed between 23,000 and 35,000 lives in Mexico, (the figure vary according to sources).

Some slayings of singers are reputed to have been caused by jealousy over a romantic relationship, others due to revenge or to send a message because the singer, a friend or a relative was involved in trafficking.

Murdered narcocorridos musicians

2011: Francisco Domínguez Herrera, El Sapo, of the band El Sapo y sus Ondeados, was shot multiple times in the head by a group of gunmen on a parking lot

2010: Sergio Vega was brutally killed by unknown assailants in Sinaloa state.

2008: Jesús Pulido and his manager and assistant were brutally murdered.

2008: José Luis Aquina’s body was found in a river in southern Mexico.

2007: Zayda Pena of the group Zayda and the Guilty Ones was shot in a hospital while recovering from a (separate) bullet wound.

2007: Sergio Gomez of the group K-Paz de la Sierra was kidnapped after a concert. He was later found strangled, with signs of having been tortured.

2006: Valentin Elizalde, El Gallo de Oro, was shot to death along with his manager and driver 


Eight journalists killed in 2010
A report by ARTICLE 19 and Cencos which was released in Mexico City on 3 May 2011 documents that “a disturbing level of violence against journalists in Mexico has continued throughout 2010. 8 journalists were killed in 2010 simply in the exercise of their profession. It makes for a total of 44 journalists killed and 8 still missing during the period of the administration of President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.”

El Sapo

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‘Narco-corrido band singer gunned down in Ju

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