Mozambique: Singer arrested and beaten for ‘offensive song’




Singer arrested and beaten for ‘offensive song’

Freemuse has received an unconfirmed report that the musician Refila Boy was arrested during a concert and treated with such violence by agroup of police officers that his skull was fractured. The reason for the arrest is allegedly that police officials feel assulted by his song ‘Cinzentinha’.

It was around 3 o’clock in the morning when police came to the stage where Refila Boy had just started performing. In front of his crowd of fans, they kicked Refila Boy until he fell, and then put him in a police car. According to the report, the police officers had to fire several bullets to disperse the crowd that demanded the immediate release of Refila Boy. He was released the following day.

Police also is reported to have prevented Refila Boy from filming a music video clip for the song. Freemuse is currently seeking more information about the incident and Refila Boy’s present status.


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Refila Boy

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