Cuba: Rock singer Gorki Águila again harassed by authorities


01 December 2010


Rock singer Gorki Águila again harassed by authorities

Cuban punk-rock singer Gorki Águila and the members of his band Porno Para Ricardo were arrested on 26 November 2010, and released ten hours later, reported the group’s manager, Laura García Freyre, in a press relase which was published on Facebook.

According to her report, guitarist Ciro Diaz, bass-player Hebert Dominguez and the photographer Claudio Fuentes were taken to the 5th Station of Playa, while the singers Gorki Águila and William Retureta were taken to the station of Siboney. All were handcuffed and taken in patrol cars to police stations where they were accused of “carrying instruments of dubious origin”.

All their belongings were temporarily confiscated. The police erased the footage that the musicians had made of the police harassment, and confiscated some lyrics of songs that were placed in the guitar case of Gorki Águila.

Then, ten hours later, the police released them.

The concert scheduled for the following evening in Punta Brava was canceled because the band did not want to risk that their instruments and sound equipment would be confiscated by authorities.

Gorki Águila reported the harassment of a patrol car that has been following him everywhere since the announcement of the concert.

Questioning to intimidate
On 27 November, Gorki Águila was requested to appear at an immigration office for questioning about his music, the concert in Punta Brava and an interview he recently gave to Radio Martí. The questioning was allegedly intended to intimidate Gorki Águila with refusing to allow him to leave the country. The group is in the midst of the process of arranging their attendance to a cultural event in Los Angeles, USA, which will be attended by Polish trade union organiser Lech Walesa and American singer Patty Smith, among others.

On the night of 27 November 2010, there was a major operation outside the house of Gorki Águila, in the municipality of Playa, where police and state security, as well as the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, and the Rapid Response Brigades all were reported to be present.

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John Suarez to members of the Facebook group ‘Rock on Porno para Ricardo – Free Gorki’ – 28 November 2010:

‘Porno Para Ricardo detained & threatened. Concert Canceled’

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