Denmark: Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians



Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians

The proposal by Freemuse to include musicians in the Safe Cities programme finds backing in the Danish parliament. The opposition wants this corrected by a revision of the law, but the government does not agree.

The two opposition parties, the Socialdemocrats and SF, believe that legislation should be amended so that the refuge network system can also protect other persecuted artists than writers.

“It is clearly an error that this has not been put in place,” told Socialdemocrat culture spokesperson Mogens Jensen to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR.

Also SF’s culture spokesperson Pernille Frahm said that she believe the three municipalities in Denmark that have joined the Safe City programme should be able to house other artists than writers. “This should be corrected by a revision of the law,” she said.

The two spokespersons represent a coalition which is in opposition to the government. One of the two government parties, The Conservatives, and the government’ support-party The Danish People’s Party, have previously been adamant that the scheme should apply only to authors. When asked by DR they confirmed to the broadcasting corporation that they are not – in any case not yet – ready to change this viewpoint.

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Danish Broadcasting Corporation – 18 November 2010:

‘Danmark skal ogs

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