Turkey: Ferhat Tunc acquitted


Ferhat Tunç acquitted

Freemuse Award winner, Ferhat Tunç was acquitted this morning from the Diyarbarkir Criminal Court in Turkey.

Facing a 15 year prison sentence because of a speech he made during the First Eruh-Çirav Nature Culture and Arts Festival on 15 August 2009, Tunç was tried under article 7/2 of the Anti-Terrorism Law. The judges – after a one hour break at the Diyarbakır High Criminal Court – decided there was no evidence of Tunç having committed any crime.

Freemuse with the support of Lebanon’s oud maestro Marcel Khalife, Pakistan’s world renowned rock musician Salman Ahmad, human rights activist Deeyah and former MEP Jens Peter Bonde earlier this year launched a campaign for the dismissal of the court case against the popular Turkish singer.

In a letter to the Turkish Prime Minister, Freemuse and the artists protested against the continuous harassments against Tunç and appealed for the dismissal of the case.

The campaign was joined by the President’s of the Nordic Pen centres.

Ferhat Tunç in a phone call from Diyarbarkir to Freemuse forwarded his gratitude to everyone who has supported him.

Ferhat Tunç


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