Syria: Musicians arrested for singing Kurdish songs



Musicians arrested for singing Kurdish songs

Seven men, including members of a wedding music band, were arrested at a Kurdish wedding party where they were singing. They are accused of singing patriotic Kurdish songs.

The Kurdish organisation for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria, DAD, reported that a patrol of the Syrian security forces stopped a Kurdish wedding party in the district of Dyrek on 3 October 2009. Members of the music band and the brother of the groom were arrested and were taken to a prison in the city of Qamishli.

Freemuse has received a report saying that they were tortured and insulted by state security officers in Qamishli. As a result of the torture, a number of the artists are reported to be in need of medical attention. The musician Jamal Sadoun is has a number of injuries to parts of his body, including his feet.

On 17 January 2010, the individual military judge in Qamishli in court case number 869 of 2010, the detainees were questioned about the charges brought against them – that they sought to incite sectarian strife – and they pleaded not guilty.

The detainees were:
Jamal Sadoun, musician
Nihad Hussain
Djawar Munir Abdullah
Juan Munir Abdullah
Hosan Ibrahim
Zahid Youssef
Abdel Latif Malaki Jacob, owner of the restaurant where the party took place

The judge adjourned the trial to 17 March 2010 to allow the defence to prepare the case. Hosan Ibrahim, Zahid Youssef and Abdel Latif Malaki Jacob were released, however the others remain in detention.

About DAD Kurd
The Kurdish Organisation for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria, DAD Kurd, works for the defence of human rights and general liberties in Syria. DAD Kurd calls for the legitimisation of human rights organisations and political parties in Syria so that they can speak out about human rights abuses, and bring these matters to the public attention without fear of retribution.

Kurdish minority in Syria
More than two million Kurds live in Syria, mainly in the north bordering Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan region. They comprise nine percent of the population and have long sought official recognition of the Kurdish language and their culture.

Jamal Sadoun

U P D A T E    7 February 2010

According to Kurdish Organization for the Defence of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria, DAD, the Individual Military Judge in Qamishli released the Kurdish musician Jamal Sadoun on 4 February 2010.

U P D A T E    25 March 2010

According to DAD, the case of the following musicians has been adjourned to 28 April 2010 for witnesses to give evidence:
Jamal Sardoon
Nihad Yusef Hossein
Djawar Munir Abdullah
Juan Munir Abdullah
Hosan Mohammed Saeed Ibrahim
Zahed Ali Yusef
Abdul Latif Malik Yakub


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