Six articles on music censorship in Zimbabwe



Six articles on on music censorship in Zimbabwe

Prepared in connection with a seminar on Music Censorship in Zimbabwe held Thursday 28th April 2005 at Mannenberg Jazz Club, Harare

Read the articles as PDF
Read the articles as PDF

Content of the pdf document:

1. Musicians and Censorship in Zimbabwe
by Albert Nyathi

2. Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings’ Policies on Censorship of Music
by Musavengana Nyasha

3. Tracing the Footsteps – Censorship and Music in Zimbabwe
by Nyasha Nyakunu

4. Censorship of Locally Recorded Music in Zimbabwe
by Emmanuel Vori

5. Blacklisted – My Personal Experience
by Leonard Zhakata

6. Zimbabwe: A Case of Music Censorship Before and After Independence
by Omen Muza

Harare’s famous Mannenberg Jazz Club hosted the seminar

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