Pakistan: High Court imposes ban on ‘immoral songs’



High Court imposed ban on ‘immoral songs’

On 27 April 2009 the Lahore High Court imposed a ban on songs by the two Lahore singers Naseebo Lal and Nooro Lal, deeming them ‘indecent, immoral’ and ‘against the values of a Muslim society’, reported The News International.

According to the newspaper, justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry also issued notices to the two singers to appear before the court on 25 May 2009. The judge issued this order on a petition filed by advocate Asif Mehmood Khan. The petitioner had submitted that the departments concerned and the ‘criminal elements’ were violating the law and the Constitution as well as ‘spoiling the morality of the people’.

He said the respondent singers, Naseebo Lal and Nooro Lal, were composing and singing indecent and immoral songs with the help of other respondents. He argued that the protection given by the government to these singers under the Motion Pictures Ordinance of 1979 was illegal and against the values of a Muslim society.

Legal argumentation
The petitioner pleaded that the impugned certification passed by the chairman and secretary of the Central Board of Film Censors was illegal, void ab initio and against the principles of natural justice, and also violated his fundamental rights.
Asif Mehmood Khan handed over to the court video CDs and audio cassettes of the socalled indecent songs sung by the singers. He pleaded that the certification and exhibition of these songs was against the law and moral values of the society.

The petitioner said the Holy Quran prohibited vulgarity in songs and poems, and that the ‘vulgar songs’ created enmity in the hearts of religious scholars and Ulema against the government, as they thought that the government was patronising vulgarity. He also said the respondents had launched, cinematographed, advertised, published and exhibited these songs without any lawful jurisdiction.

Asif Mehmood Khan asked the court to impose a ban on all the audio and video songs of the two respondent female singers, requesting the censor board and other respondents to certify all the films and songs in accordance with Section 6 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance from 1979.

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The News International, Pakistan – 28 April 2009:

‘LHC bans vulgar Punjabi songs’

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