Cameroon: Singer Mbanga faces endless hearings



Singer Mbanga faces endless hearings

False evidence, delays and rumors appear to play an essential role in keeping the popular singer Lapiro de Mbanga in prison. In the meantime, Lapiro de Mbanga’s health deteriorates.

Lapiro de Mbanga, the Cameroonian musician and political opponent to the current president of the country, is seemingly facing endless trials and hearings. At a recent hearing a witness admitted to have signed a document without reading it. Other witnesses have failed to appear in court due to ‘travel expenses’.

Lapiro de Mbanga was accused of having encouraged a group of young people to destroy a banana plantation. According to Freemuse’s research, what really happened was that the singer was found with a camera while attempting to document what happened at a demonstration.

With witnesses failing to appear and other witnesses contradiction their earlier statements, the court case continues to be postponed.

Three years
Laprio de Mbanga is an activist of the Social Democratic Front and was detained a year ago. He has been sentenced three years imprisonment.

Freemuse has expressed its concern over the arrest and the conditions in prison to the president of Cameroon. Freemuse has also urged the European Commission Office in Cameroon to observe the trials.

Lapiro de Mbanga

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