Ghana: Hiplife under attack



Ghana: Hiplife under attack

The National Communication Authority of Ghana is being asked to ban “profane music” such as Hiplife on the radios

Hiplife, the local Ghanaian version of Hip Hop, is under constant attack from “moral groups” in the country. Several comments in national newspapers in recent month compare Hiplife lyrics to pornography, and commentators, many of them religious commentators, are running a campaign to censor socalled “profane music”.

At a seminar in Kumasi, Ghana, on 9th of April, 2005, organised by the Centre for Moral Education, the managing director of Lakayana Company, Mr Opoku-Agyemang Prempeh, suggested that the National Communication Authority (NCA) should ban the playing of “profane music” on the radios and the screening of pornographic films on television, and that NCA should also take measures to ensure that media houses would comply with such a directive. In Mr Prempeh’s opinion, banning such immoral activities would not amount to infringing on the rights of the media or censorship.

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