Lebanese censors seize hundreds of DVDs and three CDs



Lebanese censors seize DVDs and CDs

Lebanese police have confiscated 600 video-DVDs and three music-CDs from a Virgin Megastore in Beirut.

According to the BBC News, a score of plain-clothed and uniformed policemen raided the store on Thursday, January 3, 2002. The store manager then spent most of the next two days in police custody, and there were also reports of a raid on Saturday, January 5.
“The raid was conducted as if there were dangerous criminals inside,” the store management said in a statement. The Virgin official stated that the store did not sell most rock and heavy metal CDs, for fear of offending the Lebanese authorities – even though many Lebanese listen to them.
The three unidentified music CDs were confiscated on the grounds that their words “engouraged young people to commit suicide”.

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