Najwa Karam banned by the Lebanese Censorship Committee



Najwa Karam banned by the Lebanese Censorship Committee

In March 2004, the Lebanese Surete Generale censored a video clip entitled “Why are You Emigrating?” by Najwa Karam, a well known singer.

The Censorship department at The Surate Generale linked the content of the video clip to the clashes that occurred between security forces and some students who were protesting against youth emigration. The video showed the song “Bukra” (tomorrow) which was supposed to be launched by February 2004 before the complete album. The launching of the video was delayed due to the banning.

According to the Saudi based daily, Al Riyadh, the committee argued that the song is controversial and tackles sensitive political and social issues and is too provoking.

The song is composed by Wisam Almeer and the video clip directed by Saeed al-Marouq, who stresses that the clip talks about a humanitarian subject focusing on the financial and economic situation and the problems that occur with the younger generation in Lebanon. He is adding that the banning will mean enormous financial losses to him.

The Lebanese Public Security department requested the clip to be altered in order to obtain permission for broadcasting. As the alterations have been made the Censorship Committee has backed off and allowed the clip to be aired.    

Najwa Karam has previous been banned, though due to a complete different case. Rumors said that she proclaimed in an interview, that she named her dog after the prophet Mohammed. That made Qatar banning her songs and Egypt and Jordan prohibited her from entering their countries.

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