CRAG Report: The Missing Cuban Musicians



CRAG Report: The Missing Cuban Musicians
This 34 page report reviews the history of the current blanket ban the U.S. government has put on any Cuban musicians coming to the U.S.
From AfroCubaWeb:

“Entrance into the United States by Cuban musicians, artists and academicians has been extremely limited since November of 2003. No Cuban bands have been admitted since that time, and even Cubans resident in third countries have been refused entry. Instead, according to the report of the “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” chaired by Colin Powell, cultural exchange between the U.S. and Cuba is to be aggressively pursued “during and after transition,” meaning a change in the government of Cuba to one deemed more acceptable to the Bush Adminstration.

The Cuba Research & Analysis Group announces the release of the report “The Missing Cubans,” authored by music producer, musicologist and author Ned Sublette, with additional contributions from attorney William Mart

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