New US study on cultural exchanges since September 11



New U.S. study on cultural exchanges since September 11
A new study by Center for Arts and Culture, “Cultural Diplomacy: Recommendations and Research,” concludes that U.S. cultural diplomacy has become a neglected facet of foreign and domestic policy.
In an era when American culture often drives resentment and fear in foreign lands, the study cautions the State Department not to ride roughshod over the cultural traditions of others. Instead, U.S. efforts “should recognize the value of other cultures, show a desire to learn from them, and seek ways to help preserve their traditions and historic sites and artifacts.”

And the government should work harder not just to bring American artists overseas but to make it easier for artists overseas to travel and work in America. Specifically, the study encourages the Homeland Security and State departments to “work together to improve the current visa it is less of a barrier for foreign visitors, artists, and scholars, and for the presenters who invite them.”

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