Thomas Mapfumo returns to Zimbabwe



Thomas Mapfumo returns to Zimbabwe
“Well, I was a bit concerned, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew a lot of ears were listening. A lot of people liked it, though as you know, Chimurenga Rebel was banned from being played on the radio. And this, I can confirm with you, because I spoke with one of the DJ’s who is working with ZBC, and he said they were called to a meeting by this Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo. They discussed about my music, especially this recently released one, Chimurenga Rebel. He was saying a lot of things about the music. “This is why this guy named his music Chimurenga Rebel, because he’s a rebel. He’s just like a terrorist.” They were trying to deny, to say that the music was not banned, but it was banned.”

Thomas Mapfumo on his first performances at home in almost a year, his new album Chimurenga Rebel, and the prospects for Zimbabwe’s immediate future.

Full interview at AfroPop

Freemuse report on music censorship in Zimbabwe

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