Thomas Mapfumo fears arrest



Thomas Mapfumo fears arrest
Amnesty asked to assist Mapfumo in Zimbabwe

Thomas Mapfumo’s United States-based promoter, Al Green,
has appealed to Amnesty International to assist the musician when he comes home later this month.

In a letter to the Zimbabwean chapter of the international human rights group, Green said Mapfumo had been informed that there were plans to eliminate him during his visit to the country. In the message, Green says: “I am sure you recognise Mukanya’s name, and are aware of the persecution and censorship that the Mugabe regime has allowed upon this important social commentator and artist. Thomas has received word from sources within the Harare police department that there will be an attempt on his life should he return to Zimbabwe.

“This is in retaliation for Thomas’ messages to Zimbabweans in his music, messages which are critical of Mugabe. Thomas is currently in the US on a working visa and is planning to return home this month.” Green said despite the fact that the Mugabe regime had become very vicious,
Mapfumo was still determined to return home to play the music he had written for the people.
“Please, is there a way he can fly into Harare with AI at his side? The man truly needs some protection and the more cameras and international observers around him, the better. If there was always a video camera on him, the government would relent, I believe. I realise in the great scheme of things, we’re small, but this is important and Zimbabwe is a microcosm of the larger
picture: Injustice has to be peacefully resisted. There is no better way than through music,” said Green.
“Please let me know as soon as you can if your organisation can devote some of your resources towards getting Thomas into Zimbabwe and shielding him to some small degree while he is there.”
Green is the owner of Anonym Records of Pennsylvania, Mapfumo’s record label. He also helps in arranging the musician’s tours.

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