Zimbabwe: Bekithemba Khumalo plays with fire



Zimbabwe: Bekithemba Khumalo plays with fire
Khumalo is having trouble marketing his latest song, which is provocatively titled ‘The President is a Thief’. Bekithemba Khumalo says he was not referring to President Robert Mugabe personally, but to his government.
In the current climate of political violence, most music producers initially refused to record Khumalo’s album – called Taking him Away – which features the song. Several songs by leading Zimbabwean musicians have been banned from the state media for being deemed critical of the government.
One producer did relent and secretly recorded ‘The President is a Thief’, but now shops in Khumalo’s home town of Bulawayo are refusing to sell the cassette.

Story and interview from BBC
Freemuse report on music censorship in Zimbabwe

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