Mugabe songs falls flat



Mugabe songs falls flat
A lighting engineer has been charged with inciting hostility
against Robert Mugabe after shining a spotlight on portraits of the Zimbabwean president during a live performance of a popular song about old age, state media reported on Tuesday.
Phillip Schadendor was charged with violating Zimbabwe’s Law and Order Maintenance Act for his actions at a recent music show, National news agency Ziana said. State prosecutor Teddy Kamuriwo said Schadendor also led the audience in chanting slogans of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which poses the greatest challenge to Mugabe’s hold on power.

“(The) accused’s acts are a clear indication that his intention was to undermine the authority of the president or to engender… feelings of hostilities towards the president,” Kamuriwo said.
Many Zimbabweans say the song Bvuma Wachembera – which means “accept that you are now old” in the local Shona language – aptly describes Mugabe, 76, who has ruled the southern African country since independence from Britain in 1980.
Mugabe has dismissed critics’ calls that he resign for what they call his mismanagement of the economy, which is in its worst state since independence.
The MDC cautioned last year that Mugabe risked being forced out of office if he did not quit voluntarily, but last week he warned his opponents that he would “try to overthrow those who want to overthrow me”.

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