Il Canto di Malavita: la Musica della Mafia



Il Canto di Malavita: la Musica della Mafia
It’s the kind of music you can imagine enjoying on a lazy summer’s afternoon in southern Italy. There are jangling tambourines and playful accordions, shimmering mandolins and a voice dripping with melancholy. It would be easy to drift off to sleep – unless you understand Italian, in which case you would realise that the singer is not lamenting past loves, or singing praises to the beauty of nature. He is describing how he is going to cut someone’s face off as soon as he gets out of his prison cell.

The truth is, you would not be sitting listening to this music in Italy: the police there will not allow it to be performed. For now the only place that you are going to hear it is on a new compilation CD called Il Canto di Malavita.

Story from The Guardian

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