Eminem to start censorship-free radio station



Eminem to start censorship-free radio station
The FCC is going to let him be. Eminem is pulling up his anchor and heading out into international waters where the oppressive purveyors of social decency and moral righteousness won’t be able to bleep or block a thing. He’s left behind the horrendous world of generic terrestrial radio for the burgeoning industry of satellite radio. Shady Records and Interscope have joined forces with Sirius Satellite Radio and Eminem hopes to launch a 24-hour hip-hop music channel this fall.

Satellite radio is a private industry which is not monitored by the FCC and many artists who have faced censorship troubles in the past are beginning to look at satellite for their much desired freedom of expression. Think of it like HBO for music – just like Tony Soprano or Samantha Jones, the hip-hoppers can cuss all they want. Eminem has personally come under fire many times for his lyrical content, with the FCC even penalizing radio stations with monetary fines for daring to play his music. The yet-to-be-named channel will feature Eminem, DJ Green Lantern and other Shady artists hosting shows uncut and uncensored.

“Once upon a time not too long ago, the Feds wanted all my music off the air,” Eminem said in a statement. “Now we’ll be on Sirius 24 hours a day, playing the best hip-hop … not just from Shady Records, but from everywhere.”
Eminem plans to conduct live interviews and broadcasts while airing hip-hop rarities and hard-to-find tracks from an assortment of artists – including himself.
“I can’t wait to start dropping new material,” he said. “Exclusive tracks and uncensored hip-hop featuring me and everyone else, freely saying whatever the hell we want.”

Eminem has also taken this censor-free concept to television with the Shady Records partnership with Universal Music Group and the owners of the adult erotica monolith Vivid Entertainment. 1 AM is a subscription-based channel that offers uncut and uncensored hip-hop content. The Sirius radio show will be included with every Sirius subscription at no extra charge.

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