DR Congo: Ban on rap music



Ban on rap music in D.R. Congo
In June 2004, the Committee of Censorship in the Democratic Republic of Congo censored all Congolese rap groups and foreign music. This decision was taken by the Attorney General of the Republic. The reason given for banning rap is that it is ‘obscene and violent, and causes the youth to behave badly’.

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Garth Cartwright
“A Little Bit Special” – Censorship and the Gypsy Musicians of Romania.
Freemuse, Copenhagen, October 2001, ISSN 1601-2127

Garth Cartwright, a New Zealander now based in London, is the author of The Tower Guide To World Music (March 2000) and a freelance journalist.
He was awarded the Guardian/Stop Press Journalism Award: Best Music Writer 1996.
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