Tibet: “As long as we perform, Tibet is still alive”



Video recordings from ‘All that is Banned is Desired’:
“As long as we perform, Tibet is still alive”

Tenzin Gönpo, a musician from Tibet, performed in the session ‘TIBET: ARTISTS IN EXILE’.

In an interview, recorded during the conference, Tenzin Gönpo spoke about the situation for Tibetan artists:

This is the conference session about Tibet, containing a performance by Tenzin Gönpo:




Please note: Tenzin Gönpo’s contribution begins at 19:03 into the video.

Information about this video clip
This video shows Session 7 on Day 1 of the conference ‘All that is Banned is desired’ held in Oslo, Norway, in October 2012.

Tenzing Rigdol, Visual Artist and Poet (Tibet)
Tenzin Gönpo, Musician (Tibet/France)

Frances Harrison, Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster (UK)

Conference website
To see the more sessions and interviews from the conference, please visit: www.artsfreedom.org

 Official Facebook page of the conference

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