South Korea: Teenagers prohibited from attending American pop concert



South Korea:
Teenagers prohibited from attending
American pop singer’s concert

American pop singer Lady Gaga’s upcoming Seoul concert has been restricted to over-18s by the Korea Media Rating Board, as the Gender Ministry considers one of her songs, ‘Just Dance’ which is to be performed at the show, as “inappropriate” for minors, reported The Korea Herald.

The Korean Association of Church Communication, a local Christian group who have been calling for the cancellation of Gaga’s show, said they were “relieved” to hear the news.

Kim Jin-ah, a 27-year-old office worker planning to attend Gaga’s concert, said the board’s decision was “absurd”:

“We are living in 2012,” she said. “It’s up to the public to decide what to watch and what not to watch. Our teens don’t need the government’s advice on that.”





The Korea Herald – 2 April 2012:

‘Lady Gaga’s Seoul concert banned for teenagers’

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