Pakistan: Artists camp reflect on aspects of intolerance and terrorism



Artists camp reflect on aspects
of intolerance and terrorism

In Peshawar, Pakistan, on 7-27 May 2012, a two week camp for international artists aims to discuss and understand the phenomenon of terror. The camp is entitled ‘Face Off’.

The camp and its workshops will include multidisciplinary artist from USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran and India as well as from from the local area – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata and Baluchistan in Pakistan.

The camp is organised jointly by Hunerkada Productions and the Directorate of Culture Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Below is a description of the event from the organisers:


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Face Off

About the theme of the artists camp: needs assessment
Terror is kaleidoscopic and an ever changing phenomenon demanding continuous adjustment according to the tactics of the perpetrators and agony of its victims. It has many faces and facets which are viewed from different angles resulting in the perpetrator a hero as well a criminal. Three fourth of it is but image of random acts which appear to have a pattern – and the patterns change with slight movement.

Terror, the reality is also an illusion causing fear of unknown. There are many players of the terror game in a single act of terror therefore its blame can be put on anyone depending on what suits at that particular moment. The phenomenon needs to be narrowed to debatable topics and all activities of the event are tied to standard definitions and global outlook. The theme thus elaborated would have healthy participation and result oriented approach.

Organized jointly, by Hunerkada and Directorate of Culture Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Face Off is an Artists Camp of concerned individuals aiming to discuss, understand and reflect upon the phenomenon of Terror and its consequences in their chosen disciplines. The camp will bring together, renowned artists from various fields to share their understanding of the subject, explore newer means of expression and produce non compromising works to initiate a dialogue in society.

The Camp has invited established as well as young Painters, sculptors, print makers, video artists, installation artists, performers, musicians, actors, film makers, writers, poets, animators, puppeteers, journalists, intellectuals and members of civil society. Face Off will also include multidisciplinary artist from other countries including US, UK, France, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran and India to take part in the workshop. Participation of Artists from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata and Baluchistan is given special importance. Additionally considerable number of young enthusiasts will also be provided the opportunity of working with and learning from their senior counterparts and delegates from Pakistan and other countries.

• To understand and explore intelligent and engaging ways of reflecting upon the phenomenon of Intolerance and motivate society against its consequences (with a focus on youth).
• To promote tolerance in society, respect for diversity, freedom of expression, freewill, peace and cohesion in society
• To promote creative and critical engagement with society, mong youth without gender bias and sensitize society about the validity of art and culture
• To identify, groom and create opportunities for future leaders in all creative fields to communicate beyond boundaries
• To promote local heritage, traditional arts, crafts, culture and modern means of expression as a means for social change
• To engage local artists in a cross cultural exchange in order to expand their exposure and professional network
• To engage with Government institutions for meaningful collaborations in the field of art and culture and complement art and culture education in public and private schools
• To groom young Film makers and encourage them to make relevant and meaningful films
• To train young theater professionals to contribute towards a dynamic theater movement
• To train a new aware breed of young media professionals to contribute towards a responsible media culture(Print, Electronic and Radio)
• To train youth in developing skills in alternate media
• To engage cross media professionals in a process of creating powerful images, videos and performances on counter insurgency, intolerance, openness, religious harmony, peace, democracy and national unity

Location of event
Nishtar Hall Peshawar
PC Peshawar

Opening ceremony at Nishtar Hall
Site for discourse: PC Peshawar
Workshops held at Nishtar Hall and Mela Nishtar Hall

7-22 May 2012 – followed by festival on 22-27 May 2012

DAY 1 – 3
10.00 am to 18:30 pm
The Camp Commences with an official opening of the Discourse
Daily Paper reading, Presentations, talks, Teleconferences and Dialogue sessions on Intolerance/Terrorism by the exponents of all possible disciplines of art, professions, groups and points of view gathered from with in Pakistan and other countries. Every evening there will also be informal performances and talks by guest from other countries.

Musical Evening and Dinner hosted by the CM

Day 4
Day off for recreation
Guests will be taken on an excursion tour.

After the first five days, some of the participants (mostly speakers and experts of various fields) will depart and rest of the time (remaining 9 days) will be devoted to intense work sessions where professionals of all respective fields will start work on their projects .Young enthusiasts will have the opportunity of working with their senior counterparts in a workshop atmosphere. Outstanding artists and technicians will be there to provide assistance to workshop participants. Artists/participants wishing to work in their own work places would be allowed to do so.

Photography and Film Making Workshop

Day 5 to Day 14
Sarmad Sehbai, Sarfaraz Alexander, Ghazi Ghulam Raza, Ejaz Gul, Jamal Shah, Hasan Zaidi, Shireen Pasha, Mubeen Ansari, Usman Zulfiqar
Deliverables; 30 Young film makers are trained, short films on relevant issues are made and shown in festival, DVDs destributed

Visual Art Day 5 – 14
Sculpture, Painting, installations, performance, computer graphics etc.
09.00-18.00 hrs daily
Artists work in their spaces in open and intimate work conditions and talk about it in open critical sessions regularly every evening.
These sessions are also attended by participants of other disciplines.
Durriya Qazi, Jamal Shah Akram Dost, Kaleem Khan, Nadir Jamali, Mubarak, Tariq Kakar, Azam Jamal, , Jehanzeb Arbab, Zahoor, Feika, Afshar Malik, Aasim Akhtar, Naiza, Iqbal Geoffrey, Quddus Mirza, Irfan Hakim, Amna Shah, Rakhshanda Atwar,.
Deliverables; 30 young artists trained, Paintings, Sculptures, Murals, Prints, Drawings, Mix media works, Instillations, Video Instillations and performances are produced and exhibited in the festival

Theatre, Dance, Puppetry and Music Day 5-14
Professionals and enthusiasts of the above disciplines will work on their projects in a workshop atmosphere providing opportunities of creative discourse to all. The camp will help develop a holistic understanding of the issue at hand and find effective means of transforming it into Theatrical performances, Dance recitals, Puppet theatre and Musical compositions
Madeeha Gauher, Shahid Nadeem, Clair Pumet, Sarmad Sehbai, Hindu Mitha, Farooq Qaiser, Ajmal and others
Deliverables; Young Musicians, Actors, Writers, Directors, Puppeteers and Dancers are trained, Short Theater productions, Musical performances, Dance recitals and Puppet Shows are produced and performed at the festival.

Literary Workshop( Creative Writing) Day 5-14
Writers and poets and enthusiast of literature will thrash out the issue in a charged literary discourse. They will also work closely with exponents of other disciplines such as music, theatre, film, puppetry etc
Sarmad Sehbai, Iftikhar Arif, Kishwar Nahid, Mohmad Azam Azam, Saadullah Jan Barq, Salma Shaheen, Noorul Bashar Naveed and others
Deliverables; Young writers and poets are given mentoring sessions, Short stories, Poetry and articles are written, read, printed and discussed at the festival

Media Workshop Day 5 -14
Journalists from print and electronic media will deliberate on the role of media; examine its potential, struggle, success and failures through out the history. Media workshop will also provide necessary information to all the participants of Artists Camp.
Ansar Abbasi , Raheel Khan, Amer Mateen, Nasim Zehra, Shireen Mazari, Hamid Mir, Zaffar Abbas, Mazhar Abbas Ahmed Rashid and others
Deliverables; Young print, Radio and electronic media journalists are trained, The role of media discussed, Articles are written and reports are made and presented in the festival

DAY 15
The Camp Closes, a day is spent on Display

MELA (Face Off Festival) DAY 16 – 20
The Face Off Festival will be a weeklong event showcasing the work produced during the two week Artists Camp. The Festival will include Art exhibitions, Art installations, Performances, Video installations, Film screenings, Concerts, Poetry reading sessions, theatrical performances and Interactive screens displaying emails and mobile phone messages. The Festival will also have stalls for motivated civil society groups, NGO`s, Educational institutions, Info kiosks, Speakers corner and Food stalls.

Implementing Partners
Directorate of Culture KPK

Directorate of Culture KPK

Corporate Sponsors
AIR Blue
Exhibits will also be sent to other cities as a follow up project.

Face Off Core Team
Jamal Shah Team leader
Zubair Usmani
Raheel Khan
Parvaiz SabatKhel Director Culture KPK
Amna Shah
Sadia Bokhari Reports and Publications
Attiya Zafar Coordinator
Fazal Ahmed Accounts

Nirmal Khan
Qaiser Khan Lala

Design and Publicity
Bushra Ishaaq

Technical Facilities
Asif Shah

Students of Hunerkada and other local Colleges

Students of Hunerkada and other local Colleges

Youth groups, civil Society members and artists

Event Management Team
HUNERKADA, College of Visual & Performing Arts



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