Somalia – Music Freedom Report: Music too powerful to ban



Video reportage from Somalia and Kenya:
Music too powerful to ban

This 11-minute documentary was made as a report on Somalia for Freemuse’s annual Music Freedom Day, as well as for The Humanitarian Bazaar Music Project.

Directed by Daniel J. Gerstle • Music Freedom Report no. 7: Somalia

The Humanitarian Bazaar presents the first draft cut of ‘Somalia | Music Too Powerful to Ban’

The video is produced by Daniel J. Gerstle, Shiine Akhyaar Ali, James Quest, and Yula Beeri.

Camera by Daniel J. Gerstle, Randy Risling, James Quest, Seth Chase, Rob Hilstrom, Cabdi Raxiin Darbo, Barkhad Abdi,, and

Special thanks to Shiine Akhyaar Ali, Salah Donyale, Abbas Hirad, Mohamed Ayaanle, Afro-Simba, Kombo Chukwe, Farah Blue, Mohamed Yare, Ilkacase, Brendan Bannon, Jason Yellen, Michelle Warner, and many more.

For more information on the group Waayaha Cusub, see

Salah Donyale and Somali Public Radio are at
Mohamed Ayaanle is at

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To learn how to support the tour and documentary with WaayahaCusub, see or write to: humanitarianbazaar [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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