Music Freedom Day 2012 marked in 22 countries world-wide


06 March 2012

New record:
Music Freedom Day 2012 was marked
in 22 countries world-wide

From Brooklyn to Cairo and Kabul – musicians and artists in 22 countries that used the annual Music Freedom Day as an opportunity to highlight why the musical freedom of speech is important.

In Cairo, Ramy Essam, known as the ‘revolution singer’ from Tahrir Square, stood up as a spokesperson for the event, in the Pakistani capital Islamabad the day was marked with a concert where the musicians spoke sharply against the attacks on music which in recent years has cost many musicians life, especially in the northern part of the country.
It is the international freedom of expression organisation Freemuse, which six years ago took the initiative to music Freedom Day. The website for Music Freedom Day, has grown to be a global event that inspires a growing number of musicians, free speech advocates and institutions.

Senegal – Sierra Leone – Italy – Pakistan – Denmark – Hungary – USA

Music Freedom Day in Islamabad

Music Freedom Day in Peshawar
In Peshawar, the Minister of Information and Culture Mian Iftikhar Hussain called upon the artists’ and singer’s community to unite on one platform and work for the promotion of cultural activities in the province. He said that his government had extended financial support to 80 senior artists and singers, and also has had provided conducive environment to them to display their art.
Artists’ and singer’s problems would be solved on priority basis, he said, and an art academy is being constructed to benefit the artist community. The minister was speaking at Peshawar Press Club to mark the Music Freedom Day. Read more…

Silenced voices commemorated by choir
in Edingburgh, United Kingdom
Protest In Harmony, an Edinburgh-based radical choir, had their monthly gathering on Music Freedom Day, and they sung songs with this in mind, particularly ‘You can’t kill the spirit’ – a song sung many many times by the women of the Greenham Women’s peace camp, who successfully worked to oppose the nuclear weapons at the US military base in England.

The choir wrote to Freemuse: “Thank you for making this day to help us take the time to think about the many silenced voices and how we can use our own voices more effectively in this context. We hope to organise a bigger event next year.”

Music Freedom Day in Swat, Pakistan

Music Freedom Day in New York, USA

Music Freedom Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

Music Freedom Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

Music Freedom Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

Music Freedom Day in Cairo, Egypt

Exiled musician Abazar from Sudan performing at
the Music Freedom Day event in Cairo, Egypt

Music Freedom Day seminar in Cairo:
Freemuse Programme Manager Ole Reitov gives a presentation
over Skype from Copenhagen, Denmark

Seminar participants at Music Freedom Day in Cairo, Egypt

Music Freedom Day in Copenhagen, Denmark

Music Freedom Day in Copenhagen, Denmark


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Poster for Hibrido’s Music Freedom Day activities in Italy in March 2012

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Music Freedom Day spotlights singers without a voice
– also available in




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Documentation 2012

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Impossible Music Session 5 – 3 March 2012:

Video documentation – 3 minutes video clip
Video documentation – 52 minutes video

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