Hip-Hop Cops: US put Hip-Hop under surveillance



US put Hip-Hop under surveillance
Hotels staked out and lyrics scrutinised in battle to stop rap’s violence.
Extensive article on the latest developments in a nationwide effort to place every aspect of hip-hop culture under state surveillance.

Story from The Guardian (11 March 2004)

Rap artists and others associated with hip-hop culture have long complained of being targets of police harassment. New York, the birthplace of hip-hop music, has become the de facto center of hip-hop intelligence. A special NYPD unit is dedicated to hip-hop surveillance. Police officials downplay the reports. They insist hip-hop cops are a small part of the intelligence division’s gang unit and that they simply try to preempt the kind of violence that seems to follow hip-hop artists.

Story from AlterNet (8 July 2004)

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