Venezulea: Reggae singer Onechot shot in the head



Reggae singer Onechot shot in the head

On the night of 27 February 2012, on returning to pick up some of his recorded material, the reggae singer Onechot (real name: Juan David Chacón) was attacked by a group of criminals who shot him, wounding him in the head, reported Global Voices.

The following day, 28 February, was meant to have seen the artist begin a national tour of his new album. However, due to the incident he has been in intensive care following surgery to remove the bullet from his brain.

In 2010, Onechot recorded a video called ‘Rotten Town’, denouncing the violence in Venezuela. In 2008, Venezuela had one of the highest homicide rates in the world and the situation has not improved. This is the crisis that Onechot reported on in his video that at the time was criticised by the Venezuelan government for showing “sensationalist images of violence”.

Meanwhile, as the country awaits the outcome of Onechot in intensive care, the protests continue to increase on social networking sites, reported Luis Carlos Diaz for Global Voices.



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Global Voices – 29 February 2012:

‘Venezuela: Singer Onechot Becomes Victim of Violence He Decried’

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