Tunisia: The rapper Volcanis arrested on drug charges


30 January 2012

The rapper Volcanis arrested on drug charges

On 25 January 2012, four-six security agents handcuffed and arrested the Tunisian rapper Vôlcànis, allegedly after having asked him if he was the composer of the song ‘Matbadal Sheia’ (‘Nothing Has Changed’).

On youtube.com, ‘Elwazirlibre’ wrote on 26 January 2012 that the police ransacked the rapper’s home and searched his computer. Other sources says that his MP3 player and laptop were confiscated.

Internet users have been quick to make a connection between the arrest and the contents of some of Vôlcànis’ songs where he criticize the police and the Tunisian government.

Drug-related charges
No charges have been stated officially yet, although Volcano’s father was reported to have been informed that his son was arrested for drug-related crimes.

According to the news-website Kapitalis, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs confirmed the arrest, stating the young rapper Volcanis (real name: Anis Ben Mongi Mrabti) was arrested “in a matter of law”, and not for the content of his songs.

The spokesman added that the rapper “was searched together with a group of 11 people involved in a very serious matter.” He declined to specify the charges against the artist, but simply said, “God help him!”

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Ahram Online – 29 January 2012:

‘Rapper arrested on drug charges not for criticising government: Tunisian interior ministry’

Kapitalis – 27 January 2012:

‘Le rappeur Volcanis arrêté dans une «grave affaire» de droit commun’

Post on YouTube.com by Elwazirlibre – 26 January 2012:


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Tunisia: The rapper Volcanis arrested on drug charges
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