Morocco: Surprise hearing of Mouad El Haked




Surprise hearing of Mouad El Haked

After being held in custody for three months, the court in Casablanca opened the case of El Haked on 6 December – without informing his lawyers, or his family.

One of the rapper’s lawyers is quoted on the support web page: “I was surprised when the activists from the Casablanca section of the 20 February Movement called to inform me that Mouad was being transferred to the court for his trial. We had not been informed about the hearing!”

Pure luck
According to El Haked’s support group, it was pure luck that the rapper’s supporters could inform his lawyers about the hearing on time. Although the hearing was public, the rappers supporters were not allowed into the court room, but some of his friends managed to sneak in. They say El Haked looked confident and heard him say: “Vive le Peuple!” (Long live the people!)

Denied release on bail
During the hearing the judge decided that the trial of Mouad El Haked shall continue on Thursday 22 December. The rapper’s support group reports that the judge denied the lawyer’s request to release El Haked on bail.

El Haked has a team of more than 100 layers working on his defense. One of the last lawyers to join the team is Mr Me Abderrahim Jamaï, former president of the Moroccan Bar association.


El Haked – L7a9ed – means “the Spiteful”

A large crowd of people showing their support outside the Haked’s family residence

“Put us all in prison!”
On the 11 December, the 20 February Movement of Casablanca gathered together outside of the home of El Haked’s family, manifesting their support and demanding his immediate release. The crowd shouted “We all hate, put us all in prison” and quoted the lyrics from one of El Haked’s songs: “Wake up Moroccans! Don’t let yourself be duped!”

Photos: from El Haked’s support group ‘Liberté pour Mouad L7a9ed’

Solidarity manifestations
El Haked’s support group has arranged a solidarity manifestation on Saturday 17 December. They are also planning a “sit-in” outside the court on the day of the trial, Thursday 22 December. Read more about the events here:

Watch video of El Haked’s supporters outside his family residence:


El Haked support campaign – continually updated :


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